We at Warm & Fuzzy created the Black Collar Creative Network [BCCN] as a platform to showcase the talent of the amazing artists we work with at our studio.

The term "black collar worker" was traditionally used to describe those who did dirty manual labor jobs in mines or oil fields. It has since been contemporized to represent the working class creative professionals - people who often wear black clothing and hide in the dark caves of studio design rooms, editorial suites, or in the shadows on film sets. This is for the designers, artists, animators, editors, and filmmakers of the world.

Each collection has a theme uniquely created by a guest artist who imbued their own style into the apparel. Profits from every sale are shared with the designer. We see this as a way for artists to express themselves and promote their work outside of the regular monotony of client projects, whilst also making a little residual cash.

We are launching with Collection No. 1 by Long Beach based designer and longtime collaborator J Collins. In the coming months we aim to release more collections by other talented guest artists.

If you're interested in designing for the BCCN please drop us a line - store@warmnfuzzy.tv